A Successful Plan for a better future: Ghana & Global

We believe it’s time someone breathed new life into the investment space. That’s why we’re building a responsible, strong, well-capitalised firm with unmatched liquidity, sustainable funding strategies and intuitive capital-raising solutions, and none of the baggage, ills and crap with most existing players.

We bring on board cutting edge technology, serious scale & skin and competences with experiences in various segments of global economic and financial activity and decades of combined investment experience.

An innovative business model fit-for-purpose in strengthening our niche areas.

Key Features

  • Creative Offering

    A differentiated business model

  • 24/7 Full Service

    Integrated services around the clock

  • Supportive Staff

    Incl competent engineers and AI teams

Important Notice

AIB Ghana is part of of AIB Limited, a registered company founded by a proprietary trader, professional market participant, investor & entrepreneur, passionate about making a real difference in corporate finance, asset & wealth management in Ghana.


The DCANS Group, its subsidiaries, the group's founder and qualified AIB management group members and directors are the initial shareholders.


Active beta products and services (incl family office products and services) are currently restricted to corporates, sophisticated or qualified investors, sister companies within The DCANS Group (anchors) and not retail investors, until June 2020 (post-regulatory processes to accept retail investors).